“Recipes are the blueprints, the process, the clues
we leave behind to teach other hungry creators.”
– comicalfoods

Here we share personal recipes
from the entertainment industry.
Read our raw blog posts to get a sneak peek into the
kitchen where we and our guest chefs share our
workflows, wins, failures, and lessons learned from
working on our own projects!

comicalfoods recipe 1 pumpkin why

Recipe #1 Why Am I sharing my recipes?

Yo, what’s cooking! This is Christian Ochoa, the crazy chef behind comicalfoods! I'm serving up my very first recipe aka raw blog post about who I am, what I do here on comicalfoods, and why...
curtis clow comicalfoods recipe 1

Curtis Clow’s Recipe for how he pitches his comic books on Kickstarter

Yo! Today on comicalfoods we have a special guest chef by the name of Curtis Clow! Curtis will share his story and recipe for how he successfully pitched his comic books on Kickstarter with...
comicalfoods recipe 2 pineapple

Recipe #2 Why I wanted to open a business

Yo, this is your chef Christian Ochoa, and today's recipe is a special one! It's about my first step into the world of creative entrepreneurship. It's about how one juicy idea made me hungry...
comicalfoods recipe 3 piece of cake

Recipe #3 How did I choose my business ideas?

Happy New Year! One of my goals this year is to publish 1 blog post every Friday. For my first blog post of 2020 I share my first project failure, and how I used my...
comicalfoods recipe 4 bread

Recipe #4 How did I create my first business plan?

Yo! How’s it going? This is your chef Christian Ochoa, and today I am sharing my recipe for how I created my first business plan! My recipe will go over how I used my...