Recipe #4 How did I create my first business plan?

comicalfoods recipe 4.00

Yo! How’s it going? This is your chef Christian Ochoa, and today I am sharing my recipe for how I created my first business plan! My recipe will go over how I used my business ideas in my previous blog post to help write my plan out.

My plan was to make some bread…

comicalfoods recipe 4 bread

…doing things that I loved to do!

The three business ideas that I wanted to pursue were to run a graphic design firm, a food blog, and a cafe/book store. I wanted to do all three! But how would I start? What would I sell first? Products or services? I decided to make flow chart to help me figure out my plan.

comicalfoods recipe 4 business plan

I guessed that making a food blog was the least expensive of all three so I placed that as phase 1. First I would create digital merchandise like recipe books, food icons, & menu templates to sell on my website. Phase 2 would be to use my food blog to offer design services to food product or food service companies, using my own collection of digital merchandise as a graphic design portfolio. Phase 3 was to design and open my own cafe/book store where I could sell physical merchandise and some homemade Ecuadorian food in my local neighborhood. That was the plan and now I just needed a name!

Thank you for eating at comicalfoods!
How did you create your first business plan?


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