Recipe #3 How did I choose my business ideas?

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Happy New Year! One of my goals this year is to publish 1 blog post every Friday. For my first blog post of 2020 I share my first project failure, and how I used my passions & skills to choose my business ideas.

It was 2017. I was 26 years old, had a couple thousand in school debt, barely had any savings, worked in NYC as a full time architectural drafter, and I wanted to open my first business! Was I going to do something that I was good at? Something that paid really well? Something that I loved? Or a little bit of everything?

That year I had been experimenting with a spontaneous idea of opening an online store to sell my 3d architecture digital assets. I didn’t treat it as a business, but more like a side project that could make me some money and improve my 3d modeling skills. I was skilled at 3d modeling Revit families and I saw the demand for it online. So I bought a domain name, designed a logo, and all that was left was to update the files and make a website. It was going to be a…

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But it wasn’t! I felt no passion working on the project. It was repetitive, boring work and so I gave up on it. I wasted time on planning it out. I wasted money on the domain name & hosting plan. It was my first failure.

I learned that whatever business I started, it had to be something that I loved to do!

The keyword was LOVE. I started listing down all my passions, my hobbies, what I loved to do! Then I moved on to my skillsets. I wrote down all my top skills, what I was really good at. Finally I looked at both my hobbies and skills to come up with business ideas. As you can see below, I was a big fan of food but I barely had any cooking skills. My passion for food was more valuable to me than any skillset so I wrote down ideas outside my comfort zone. I highlighted all my favorite ones! They were the chosen ones.

comicalfoods recipe 3 business idea list

Writing down all my passions, skills, and business ideas helped me to really look at what I wanted to do. In the end I didn’t choose one business idea. I chose three ideas! I then used these ideas to come up with my business plan.

Thank you for eating at comicalfoods!
How did you choose your business idea(s)? Check out my recipe #4 for how I created my business plan.


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