Recipe #2 Why I wanted to open a business

Comicalfoods Recipe 2.00

Yo, this is your chef Christian Ochoa, and today’s recipe is a special one! It’s about my first step into the world of creative entrepreneurship. It’s about how one juicy idea made me hungry to open a business!

Thanksgiving was a month away and my boss was going in and out of the office, running around like a turkey looking for a vegan family. But he was already stuffed. Stuffed full of excitement for his next vacation! He was just tying up some loose business ends before his flight, probably dreaming about some tropical beach buffets and free piña coladas.

comicalfoods recipe 2 pineapple

And there I was, seated at my desk staring at my two monitors like a frozen turkey with back problems. I wanted to go on vacation but I had to finish some shop drawings for a NYC rooftop project that was due at the end of the day. Besides, I was more worried about paying my rent, school loans, credit card, phone bill, etc. As I watched my boss fly out of the office, a seed of an idea drifted into my mind and began to take root!

I wanted to open my own business!

After work, I thought about it all night. What in the world did I want to do? How would I do it? Would I have enough time & energy to work on it after my full time job? I had seen my father fail several times with his start up businesses and the one business that was working out for him was very time consuming. On the other hand, my best friend was working from home on his own online business and he was doing well!

I was unsure of what I wanted to do, so I started writing a list. It was a list made up of two columns. One column was for what I wanted in my life. The other column was for what I didn’t want in my life. I then highlighted the most appetizing statement from each column.

comicalfoods recipe 2 list 2

I wanted to be my own boss.
I didn’t want to be overly dependent on my job.

Why did I highlight those words? One reason was that I wanted to be a like my boss, a successful entrepreneur who could afford to take more than one vacation a year. Another reason was that I had been laid off before and I felt that I had to improve and diversify my skills, what better way than to start my own business? These statements became my main goals and over time they would evolve. They are the reasons why I first started my first business! They were my WHY!

Thank you for eating at comicalfoods!
Why did you start your own business? How would your list look like? Also here is my recipe#3 on how I chose my business ideas


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