Recipe #1 Why Am I sharing my recipes?

Comicalfoods Recipe V1.01

Yo, what’s cooking!
This is Christian Ochoa, the crazy chef behind comicalfoods! I’m serving up my very first recipe aka raw blog post about who I am, what I do here on comicalfoods, and why I am sharing my recipes with you!

comicalfoods recipe 1 pumpkin

Who am I?
I am a creative entrepreneur and architectural drafter from NYC with a passion for cooking stories and sharing recipes with other creators. But that’s just my appetizer.  If you’re hungry for more, please visit my about page.

What is Comicalfoods?
Comicalfoods is an entertainment publishing and production company developing original, creator owned stories sprinkled with food and comedy! 

What is this recipes blog about?
This blog will mostly be a chronological collection of my recipes (processes) as I try to grow my entertainment brand. My recipes will be raw, personal stories of how I specifically tackled a certain problem as a creative entrepreneur. They will be flavored with sketches, quotes, diagrams, failures, accomplishments, and lessons learned. So go ahead and read my recipes, learn from them, change them, throw them out, steal them or share your own!

Why am I blogging?
I am blogging to educate & entertain other creators with my personal journey in the entertainment industry. I remember how lost I was when I first started, and how helpful it was to read or listen to the free advice of more experienced creators. This is my way of giving back.

Who is this blog for?
The recipes & blogs are for people like me! People who are hungry to learn, create, and make a living doing the things we love to do. So if you’re an artist, writer, designer, publisher, director or any other type of creator keep on reading!

What are my goals?
My main goals are to become financially independent by selling books, merchandise, and licensing my IP (Intellectual Properties) and to share my process so others can do the same.
My most important goal right now is:

Goal: To help a community of creative entrepreneurs.
Actions: Write, draw, and post up 1 recipe a week on my website. Write about creating a business, business naming, logo design, brand strategy, brand identity, storytelling, concept art, comic books, intellectual property, etc. Recycle those posts into smaller chunks of content for social media. Invite and interview other creators to share their recipes on my website and link to their websites. Start growing a mailing list so I can share my secret recipes.
Timeline: 1 recipe a week every Friday.

Thank you for eating at comicalfoods!
I invite you to follow my journey by reading Recipe#2 Why I wanted to open a business


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