Hi! I’m Christian Ochoa, the crazy chef behind comicalfoods!
I’m a 20-something year old Creative Entrepreneur, World builder, and architectural drafter from Brooooklyn, NYC!

I grew up in a big Ecuadorian family playing soccer & basketball, reading fantasy novels & manga, watching Cartoon Network & Food Network, and choosing an architectural career because I liked LEGOs.

I started comicalfoods as a part time endeavor back in October 2017. After 2 years of failed projects, evolving business plans, trademark mistakes, and too much procrastination, I am now more focused on my goals and what I have to do to achieve them.

On this website I will document my processes of creating an entertainment business brand and share them as “recipes.” Some of those recipes will be about how I tackled brand strategy, business naming, logo design, starting a comic book, managing an art team, and world-building. My recipes will be in chronological order so you can see the very beginning of my journey, my mistakes, and how everything changed! Here is my first recipe!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read this, y
ou can reach me at connect@comicalfoods.com for any questions you have or just to say hi! I look forward to sharing my stories and recipes with you. Peace!